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Successful Cases

Transportation Tickets in São Paulo

Service Provided: Secure wireless ticket sales transactions, as well as providing hardware and software for the operations.
PLDevice carries out 14 million ticket sales transactions of the “Bilhete Único” in São Paulo on a monthly basis, offering users about 10 types of tickets among buses/trains/subways. The “Bilhete Único” is a rechargeable smartcard system which commuters can hold “pay as you go” credits, using it for buses, trains and subways in the city of São Paulo. Using a fully wireless network developed by our own technology, it uses intelligent and self-service terminals specially designed and manufactured to enable fast, safe and fault-free operations

Our company has been operating since 2005 in this case, which has reached a growth of 40% a year in this segment and it is considered one of the best networks regarding technical and operational quality working with SPTrans


The whole technology in hardware and software used in this operation was developed by PLDevice, allowing a high level of security and reliability and making the entire operation flawless.

Prepaid phone recharges

Service Provided: safe wireless phone recharge transaction as well as providing hardware and software for the operations.

Since the begining of 2008, PLDevice has been working on mobile phone recharging operations for all mobile networks. The company has presented a high level of reliability through a safe and uninterrupted service, using hardware and software adjusted to the process operations.

Geolocation and teletransfer

Service provided: Vehicle tracking and electronic data transfer, as well as providing hardware and software for the operations. PLDevice started an unprecedented project in the sugar and alcohol sector in 2008 in partnership with the "Ferrari" Sugar Cane Plant. There was the need to have several field data in real time within the Plant. To achieve this, PLDevice has been developing equipments and software to support logistics and production processes.

Furthermore, it has also equiped passenger transport buses with tracking and data transfer devices, allowing effective control of the vehicle's movement, as well as the real time transfer of data collected in the field to its processing center, thereby providing security, agility and reliability.

Even the vinasse application vehicles and cane transport vehicles were equipped, this way supporting logistics and allowing the secure transport of real time information, with application that involves the precise positioning of the vehicles placed on electronic maps provided by the plant itself, identifying their cutting areas and other information.

Lottery and telepayment

PLDevice was an important partner in the eletronic auction held by CEF regarding the concession of services for the brazilian Federal Lottery which involved the purchase of 27 thousand lottery terminals, communication technology, logistics and supplies in 2005.

In association with Olivetti Tecnost Italy, PLDevice participated in the development of lottery terminals in which the company’s responsability was the development of the APIs, XFS and JXFS communication protocols, as well as supporting the Olivetti Tecnost’s engeering, directly in Italy, during the development of hardware features required in biddings, in order to make it possible for the terminals to be used both as lottery and banking terminals, following the Brazilian technology standards.